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Frequent Questions

Q:  I’ve never been there – what should I expect when I walk into the Bellevue Pantry?

A:  Welcome! We’re so glad you decided to visit. Upon arrival, pantry staff will ask for your ID and proof of residence in Sarpy County. There is a brief intake form to access the pantry on your first visit. Pantry staff and volunteers will create a pantry for you and ask if you need personal care, toiletry, or household items in addition to the food. Pantry guests are allowed to choose a few items to add to their pantry.

Q:  Where is the food: pantry?

A: The Bellevue Pantry is located in Washington Park at 1912 Hancock St, Bellevue, E 68005. The phone number is 402-292-2961.

Q: How does the food pantry work?

A: The pantry distributes food, personal care, and household items to anyone in need in Sarpy County. Guests receive a variety of food items, personal care, and household supplies based on availability.

Q: Who can use the pantry?

A: The food pantry serves anyone facing food insecurity. We ask that you provide identification, and you must live in Sarpy County

Q:. How often can I access the pantry?

A: We ask that you only access the pantry once every thirty days. However, we know that an emergency may arise, so guests are not turned away if they need help.

Q:. Does the Bellevue Pantry deliver food?

A: Yes! Delivery services are available for homebound seniors, those with disabilities, or those with lack of transportation. If you are interested in delivery, please call the pantry at 402-292-2961 for more information.

Q: What comes in a food pantry bag?

A: A typical pantry contains nonperishable items such as soup, canned vegetables, canned fruit, pasta sauce, dry pasta, rice, mac & cheese, peanut butter and jelly, cereal, oatmeal, and snacks. , Bread, frozen or refrigerated proteins, and fresh items are added as available. We also provide personal care and household items when available. The Pantry attempts to meet the needs of guests with food allergies, special dietary needs and restrictions, and culturally specific dietary requests.

Q: What should I know when coming to pick up a pantry?

A: Please bring an ID to show the person who will check you in. If your ID does not show that you live in Bellevue or Sarpy County, please provide documentation showing that you live in Bellevue or Sarpy County. Documentation may include a current utility bill, rental lease, or other mail that shows residency within the last 30 days.

Q: Do You Give Out Expired Food?

A: No, we never knowingly give out expired food.

Q: How much do services at the Bellevue Food Pantry cost?

A:  Everything is free of charge thanks to our generous supporters and the businesses, groups, individuals, and faith-based organizations that donate to us, as well as all our incredible volunteers!

Q: What other services are provided by the Bellevue Food Pantry?

A: Get help applying for SNAP(Food Stamps). You may be eligible for assistance from the State through SNAP. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly called Food Stamps, is a government program that allows families and individuals the choice to purchase the food they need for healthy lives. In Nebraska, SNAP benefits are provided on a Link card that looks and works like a debit card. SNAP benefits help you and your family afford the healthy food you need to thrive. Get help with applying for WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) provides nutrition, education, and more for children and families. Pregnant and postpartum women and infants up to age 5 can receive financial support and supplemental foods, health care referrals, nutrition education, and more.